Do Ho Suh at Victoria Miro

Today I visited the Victoria Miro gallery in Old Street to see the work of Do Ho Suh who is a South Korean born artist who lives in New York. I was really impressed by the exhibition and the artwork of Do Ho Suh as it was my first time seeing his work. It was refreshing to see a very different approach to art and design that was simple but looked amazing!

The first gallery had Suh’s work presented in big frames on the walls, they were all doorways made from different coloured thread that were embedded on to handmade cotton paper. Also, gelatine sheet was applied to certain parts of these doorways which created a really interesting looking texture and definitely brought the doorways to life. Another thing that made these doorways interesting was that they’re all doorways from different countries around the world that Suh has been to himself.


There was a video installation called “The Pram Project” that was projected on to three walls of a room. I didn’t quite understand it, but I found myself appreciating it just because of how it was displayed, the three walls provided a left, right and front view of someone walking a buggy with a child through different places like a shopping centre and a park. I think it was effective as even though I did not understand it, I still was intrigued by how the installation was displayed.

In the last gallery I went into was probably the most impressive. When you turned the corner into the room, you were greeted by a wonderful view down a colourful corridor that was made up from lots of different doorways that had been created with polyester fabric that had been fitted over stainless steel tube frames. All the different doorways looked so delicate as if they had been sewn together, the detailing was incredible! One of the door handles really stood out for me as I couldn’t believe how Suh had replicated it so well in such a different form of media. The colours used


Overall I really enjoyed the exhibition and I have now found an artist who I will definitely be following up in the future to see what brilliant new work he creates. I like everything about his work, the fact that he can make an everyday object like a doorway come to life through colour and texture demonstrates a great skill and creative mindset. I also thought that because his work was at a scale of 1:1 it was a lot easier to appreciate the detail that had gone into the work, furthermore, it made these unrealistic colours and materials more realistic and believable. This exhibition has taught me that if you can perfect a certain skill or how to use a certain media, then you can apply it to the most simple of things and it can look amazing.


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